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) found an open bar, had a free cocktail, and made my way home to play Wii Tennis. “Looks like you didn’t mind getting me in to trouble last night.” He responded right away.

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According to the Daily Mail, Ross Mechanic, his father, Jonathan Mechanic, his mother, Wendy Levine, and his 25-year-old brother, Marc Mechanic, are all registered as Democrats.Kyle and I have a very good “Meet-Cute”, aka that scene in a Rom Com when the protagonists meet in the weirdest/cutest way that changes both of their lives forever. I had one of those moments of realization when I got very, very scared to be dating in Los Angeles. I found out that he lived in NYC and was just in town for one more day, that he was American but had an Italian last name (I actually thought his last name was Martini for the first few weeks we were dating. He was at the Santa Monica Pier (Welcome to my husband: ten year old inside a thirty year old body.